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Hidden Health benefits of Tomatoes

Top Health Benefits from Eating Tomatoes Tomatoes help maintain strong bones. They contain beneficial amounts of calcium and Vitamin K, which are very  in strengthening and performing minor repairs on bones and bone tissue. Tomatoes help repair damage caused by smoking. The coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid inside tomatoes work to protect the body from carcinogens formed […]

Medical Plants

Basil Basil health benefits: Reduces stress Strong antibacterial properties Rich source of antioxidants Prevents some harmful effects of aging Reduces inflammation and swelling Strengthens bones and liver Boosts immunity Boosts metabolism Improves digestion Common uses: Sprinkle as a garnish for dishes Include as ingredient for smoothies Catnip Catnip health benefits: Repels bugs and relieves irritation […]

Stress Hormones in Health and Illness

Effects of Stress HormonesStress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences.It can help you cope with potentially serious situations. Your body responds to stress by releasing hormones that increase your heart and breathing rates and ready your muscles to respond. Yet if your stress response doesn’t stop firing, and these stress levels […]

How to choose your ideal surgeon

Finding a Plastic Surgeon. Due to the lucrative nature of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, there are many cases of fraud with individuals pretending to be plastic surgeons, including actual physicians who were never trained in plastic surgery but offer cosmetic procedures. Ask Friends, Neighbors, and Family About Their Surgeon. Your friend can tell you […]

How to Choose a Best Gynecology Doctor

Here are a few things to look for in a gynecologist If you’re experiencing issues with your reproductive system ; you’re having heavy bleeding, intense cramps, or other concerning symptoms , it’s time to visit a gynecologist. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, you’ll want to get regular checkups to ensure that your reproductive organs are […]

Hospital in Ghaziabad

Hospital in Ghaziabad Hospital in Ghaziabad Shreya Hospital is the best Hospital in Ghaziabad, New Delhi NCR India, with multi-specialty hospital has been providing round-the-clock clinical care, backed by multi-disciplinary team of medical experts the emphasis is on providing services with a smile, ensuring true value for money and total patient satisfaction. The hospital has earned […]

How to loss weight

The Best Way to Loss weight The safest and most effective way to lose weight is to eat less and Exercise more.If you eat less and exercise more, you will lose weight. It’s as simple as that. There are no magic pills. Diets that sound too good to be true are just that. Eating less: […]

First Aid Treatment for Fractures

First Aid Treatment for  Fractures Handle the situation with a cool head and follow these first aid procedures. First call to 1031 for emergency transport service to a  Best Hospital . Apply ice to the site of the fracture. Try to lying down and cover to  keep warm  to the fracture portion. If there is bleeding, place […]

The Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Donating blood is as healthy for your body as it is for your mind. surprising health benefits that comes with donation of blood: 1. Burns calories: Donating one standard-size bottle of blood burns 650Kcal, according to lifehack.com. But don’t even for a second think that you can go overboard with this and make it your […]

How to Reduce Hair loss in Men

Hair loss is one of the most common problems worldwide; affecting one-third of the population. Everyone loses 100 hair stands each day. It is a natural phenomenon; so there’s is no need to worry over a few follicles falling off. There could be many causes of hair loss which include diet, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution and […]