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Dental Treatments

Orthopantomogram (OPG)


When compared to periapical or bite-wing x-rays, orthopantomograms (OPGs) provide a wide-view, panoramic image of the patient’s upper and lower jaws, as well as any associated dentition, from root to crown. An OPG digital x-ray is particularly useful for planning orthodontic dental brace therapy because it gives a complete picture of the teeth and emphasises impacted and/or non-erupted teeth. An ...

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Fixed Bridge or Prosthesis


what is a dental bridge ? Your dentist might recommend a dental bridge as a restoration choice if your missing tooth is situated between two good teeth. Between two crowns that your dentist ties to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap, a prosthetic tooth is suspended. The colour of the porcelain is matched to that of your ...

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Removable Partial Denture


Your prosthodontist may recommend a removable partial denture if you lack any teeth.Its primary benefit? By restoring the patient’s ability to chew and smile, this dental prosthesis also keeps the remaining natural teeth from shifting. Fixed dentures and dental implants are further choices for tooth replacement. The restoration of oral health function and beauty is the common goal of all ...

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When a tooth is lost as a consequence of trauma or illness, there may be unpleasant side effects such quick bone loss, speech problems, or altered chewing habits. The patient’s health and quality of life can be greatly enhanced when a dental implant is utilised to replace a missing tooth. Dental implant systems are made up of an implant body, ...

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Oral Health Care in Pregnancy

oral health care in pregnency

Improving pregnant women’s dental health is one approach to stop cavities in early children from developing. During pregnancy, women may be more prone to periodontal disease and cavities. Given that poor oral health during pregnancy can result in poor health outcomes for the mother and baby, dental health may be considered an important component of prenatal care. A variety of ...

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Children’s Teeth Care


Among India, cavities, commonly referred to as caries or tooth decay, are the most prevalent chronic condition among children. Infections and pain from untreated cavities can make it difficult to eat, speak, play, or learn.  More over half of kids between the ages of 5 and 7 have at least one cavity in a baby (primary) tooth. Between the ages ...

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Post and Core


A metal shaft called a dental post is inserted into the tooth’s root canal. When a tooth is too weak to support a tooth or a dental device, this is often inserted. The dental posts come in two varieties. A root canal imprint is used to create a bespoke post, which will then have the core attached to it. A ...

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Orthodontic Extraction


In some orthodontic instances, tooth extraction—or removing teeth—may be required to provide the optimum outcomes, including straight teeth and a radiant smile. The only time teeth are extracted is when it is really required; before advising an extraction, our Shreya Hospital orthodontist will look at all other ways to create a healthy smile. Extraction is a very safe and efficient ...

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Trauma Cases


The outer crown of a tooth is separated from the internal root, which is a part of the alveolar bone. Enamel covers the tooth, shielding the dentin where the pulp and the tooth’s neurovascular supply are situated. The periodontal ligament, a connective tissue enveloping the root that creates the socket wall, holds them in alveolar bone sockets. Broken facial or ...

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Surgical Extraction


Simple Extraction of Teeth Simple dental extractions entail removing teeth from the mouth that are visible. This technique is frequently performed by general dentists in their dental offices, who numb the region and lessen the patient’s pain by injecting a local anaesthetic. Dental forceps and an elevator are required to raise the afflicted tooth and grip the visible area. The ...

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