Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Hospital in Ghaziabad

Cosmetic And Plastic-Surgery

Shreya Hospital the Department of Cosmetic Surgery is a surgical super-specialty within the field of plastic surgery. The realm of cosmetic surgery encompasses a whole spectrum of surgical as well as non-surgical procedures designed to enhance one’s beauty or to make changes in one’s appearance.

In the cosmetic enhancement procedures, aesthetics are considered more important than functionality, here plastic surgery is also referred to as cosmetic surgery. Most procedures involve both aesthetic and functional elements. The basic goals of plastic surgery are:

  • Correction of perceived disfigurement
  • Restoration of impaired functionality
  • Improvement of appearance

Cosmetic Surgery changes the way you see yourself and the way the world sees you!

How happy would you feel to see yourself getting the desired looks and figure at a really affordable cost? ‘Plastic surgery at affordable costs’ sounds impossible, isn’t it? This is why we, at Shreya Hospital Sahibabad, have come up with a concept to make cosmetic surgery accessible to the middle class population of India and abroad, and to those who have not been able to afford cosmetic surgery for the fear of cosmetic surgery being expensive.

Our cosmetic surgeons and skin specialists are highly skilled and experienced in providing cosmetic treatment with the help of advanced technology skincare equipment’s.The Cosmetic Surgery department has a team of experienced technicians and surgeons, with the proverbial best in latest technology to come up with effective yet minimally invasive cosmetic reconstruction methods. Some of their more well-known and successful procedures include facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, body lift, hair transplant, laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, reconstructive surgeries and hand surgery.