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Orthodontic Extraction

Orthodontic Extraction may be required to provide the optimum outcomes, including straight teeth and a radiant smile.

Orthodontic Extraction

The only time teeth are extracted is when it is really required. Before advising an extraction, our Shreya Hospital orthodontist will look at all other ways to create a healthy smile. Extraction is a very safe and efficient approach to help straighten the teeth for those who have additional teeth or too much crowding to fit all of their teeth in.
The extraction of teeth might make individuals anxious. Your extraction experience will be comfortable and successful with careful guidance from our experienced orthodontist and a skilled extraction technique from our licenced dentists or oral surgeon, enabling you to obtain the healthy smile you deserve.

Tooth Orthodontic Extraction

A tooth extraction is the process of removing one or more teeth from the mouth. A tooth extraction may be necessary in a patient’s treatment for orthodontic care in order to achieve straight teeth, a healthy bite, and an attractive smile.

To relieve crowding and provide a stable bite, tooth extractions may occasionally be required in specific orthodontic patients. Before or during orthodontic treatment, these extractions are performed.

Extractions are not always essential; in fact, they are frequently unnecessary. However, for certain individuals, tooth extraction is a useful strategy for producing straight teeth with long-lasting outcomes. If it is feasible to align all of the patient’s existing teeth into a healthy bite and proper location, then they will accomplish it without extractions.

Based on your unique diagnosis, our orthodontist may recommend that you have one to four teeth removed. Wisdom teeth are taken into account separately from orthodontic extraction instances since those molars are removed for various reasons. When addressing asymmetry in the bite pattern or traumatic biting, an odd number of teeth are frequently removed.

Shreya Hospital orthodontist will weigh the least amount of disturbance to the mouth, the patient’s facial structure, and the location of the tongue and other teeth when selecting which teeth to remove and how to best fit the remaining teeth into their healthy, ideal places. Orthodontists can evaluate which extractions will be most helpful with the use of 3D modelling images.

  • Without extractions first, teeth cannot be straightened with braces.
  • Too big tooth to fit in mouth.
  • Tooth development goes the wrong way.
  • Tooth hurts or is inflamed.
  • Tooth has a blemish.
  • To touch a tooth is painful.
  • Teeth seem broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

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