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Radiologist in shalimar garden, Radiologist in ghaziabad is available at Shreya Hospital. Radiology Hospital in shalimar garden, Radiology hospital in ghaziabad is available at Shreya Hospital in shalimar garden.


Shreya hospital radiologists do

For their clinical counterparts, radiologists serve as advisors. In fact, Shreya hospital group of professionals is commonly referred to as a “doctor’s doctor.” They are entrusted with giving specific diagnoses to challenging clinical concerns and advising further actions, such as more examinations or treatments.

Radiologists have received training in using and interpreting medical imaging technology. These are some instances of such devices:

Radiologist Specialisations available

Four main categories. Radiation oncology and medical physics (a non-physician function) are among them, however there are truly just two radiology subspecialties:

Diagnostic radiography uses imaging techniques including x-rays, ultrasounds, and electromagnetic radiation to help doctors identify and treat disorders. By evaluating data, comparing their findings to clinical data and the results of other pertinent tests, diagnostic radiologists frequently identify issues at an early stage.

Interventional radiology: Shreya Hospitals radiologists use imaging similarly, but they are also skilled in carrying out image-guided, minimally invasive operations like embolisation, angioplasty, and stent implantation.

Radiologist conducting Ultra-sound in shalimar garden

An ultra-sound is a type of imaging test that employs sound waves to create images of the organs, tissues, and other internal body components. Without requiring surgery, it enables your doctor to view within your body. Ultra-sound can also be referred to as sonography or ultra-sonography. Sonograms may be used to describe ultrasound pictures.

There are several medical disorders that can be treated using ultrasound. But it’s mostly employed to assist:

During pregnancy, keep an eye on the unborn child’s development and health. An ultra-sound during pregnancy can be used to monitor your unborn child’s growth. It may check for specific problems, such birth abnormalities shown in photos. It can also detect issues with conception. An ultrasound, for instance, can demonstrate if your placenta—the organ that supplies your unborn child with oxygen and nutrients—is situated properly.

Determine the underlying cause of a wide range of medical disorders. The ideal applications for ultrasound are disorders involving soft tissues, such as organs, glands, and blood arteries. If you exhibit warning signs or symptoms, a diagnostic ultrasonography may be done to assist identify or rule out potential problems.

Dr. Priyadarshini Nanda

MBBS, MD CONSULTANT SONOLOGIST Time: 12:00PM – 02:00PM & 04:00PM – 05:00PM

Dr. Sumit Kumar

M.D. D.M. CARDIOLOGY PGI Chandigarh Time: 07:00PM – 08:00PM

Dr. Nagendra Kumar Sinha

M.D. (Radio-Diagnosis) Ex- DM Resident (AIIMS, Delhi) Time: 09:00AM – 11:00AM

Ultra-sound (U. S. G) Services Available




Whole Abdoman (Upper & Lower)


Upper Abdoman


Lower Abdoman


Chest / Breast


Fetal Well Being(14 – 27 WEEKS)


Fetal Well Being(27 – 37 WEEKS)


Pregnancy Doppler


Level -2 USG


T.V.S (Gynae)


T.V.S. Early Pregnancy


T.A.S. Early Pregnancy




T.V.S. Follicular


Scrotum Doppler








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