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Post and Core

Post and Core is being done with excellence by the Dental Department of Shreya Hospital. A metal shaft called a dental post is inserted into the tooth’s root canal. When a tooth is too weak to support a tooth or a dental device, this is often inserted. The dental posts come in two varieties. A root canal imprint is used to create a bespoke post, which will then have the core attached to it. A prefabricated post is inserted directly into the root canal and comes in a variety of sizes and forms. They can be made of carbon fibre or stainless steel.

Post and Core

A post crown is made up of a core, a dental crown, and a post that extends far into the root canal. Although occasionally the core may be transformed into the post or constructed over the post after it has been anchored, these three components are always present. As the post extends deep into the root canal to provide additional support for the core, a post and core crown may only be placed on a tooth that has already had root canal therapy.

A filling could be the best solution for the tooth if there is still enough healthy dental structure. The ideal choice is a post and core crown since a filling will be more weaker and more likely to fracture if there is only a little bit of tooth remaining.

Dental Post And Core Crown

It will be simpler to bind to the remaining tooth and the entire structure will be strengthened by placing the post first. If a tooth has previously had root canal therapy, the post can be inserted right away to provide a core for a crown. The root canal procedure must be performed first in order to insert the post if the tooth has not already undergone it. Otherwise, the tooth will need to be removed, and the only other choice is an implant. A post can assist support a stronger core and crown if root canal therapy has been performed but the tooth is still weak. This is typically used to stop a crown from breaking off while still holding a core within.

If this happens, a post can be inserted into the root canal and a core with a greater grip grown up over it before the crown is attached.

The biggest root canal must be drilled into in order to insert the post into a dental post and core crown. The core and crown will have greater support the longer the post is. To maintain the root sealed, it is crucial to leave some root filler at the bottom of the root. The post will then be checked with an x-ray to make sure it is aligned with the canal and is far enough down.

The composite infill will be built around the post once it is installed. This is an illustration of a straight post and core. A custom created post and core may be an option when the canal has a complex shape. Material will be poured into the canal to form an impression, which will then be sent to a lab for analysis. When it returns, the core will be secured to the post, doing away with the need for the composite buildup. When the post and core have been placed and the crown has returned from the lab, impressions will be made for the crown. To protect any tooth with a post, a crown must be placed over the tooth.

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