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It might be overwhelming to digest all you see, including the numerous equipment, tiny infants in incubators, medical staff, and other parents, especially when you’re also worried about your own baby’s health and have to make difficult choices. Discover tools and assistance at Shreya Hospital to help you comprehend and manage the NICU experience of your child.

Shreya hospital NICU is a nursery where unwell or premature infants get round-the-clock care. It features medical personnel with specialised training and tools to offer your newborn with the greatest care.

Babies are not overstimulated by noise and light since NICUs are typically peaceful and quiet environments. The lights may occasionally be turned down so the infants may sleep. Staff members are encouraged to handle infants as little as possible.

Each infant is placed in an incubator or heated crib to maintain the proper body temperature. Additionally, equipment like:

  • An infant’s body with monitors connected to assess their heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen levels.
  • A ventilator to assist with breathing.
  • Devices to supply fluids and medications through tubes in their veins.

Discover the kind of medical treatment that our NICU offer and the degree that your baby need. Find out what supplies they might require and how you might help with their care. Even in the NICU, you may feed your kid and give them kangaroo care to be close to them. We have services and assistance that may assist you and your family while your baby is in the NICU, so it’s okay to be worried and confused about their health.

Babies could require time in a NICU

  • They were born too soon (before the 37 weeks gestation).
  • The labouring process has issues.
  • There are issues including breathing difficulties, infections, birth deformities, or the infant need surgery.
  • (Less than 2.5 kg), their birth weight is low.
  • They were born as twins, triplets, or other multiples.

Feeding Procedure of Infants

Many infants in the NICU could initially be unable to nurse. They will eat through “gavage feeding,” which involves inserting a tube into their nose to deliver milk directly to their stomach.

The NICU team at Shreya Hospital may urge you to express breast milk for your child. You can freeze or save your breast milk for later use. By expressing milk, you can maintain your milk production until you and your baby are ready to nurse.


Normal/ Warmer:5500/-
With O2 Support/ Photo Therapy:6500/-
With CI-PAP/ BI-PAP:7500/-
With Ventilator Support:8500/-

Inclusive all Routine Medicine.

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