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Oral Health in Pregnancy

Oral Health in Pregnancy

Oral Health in Pregnancy

Oral Health in Pregnancy is necessary to stop cavities in early stages from developing. During pregnancy, women may be more prone to periodontal disease and cavities. Given that poor oral health during pregnancy can result in poor health outcomes for the mother and baby, dental health may be considered an important component of prenatal care. A variety of eye-catching materials are included in Protect Tiny Teeth, along with advice on how pregnant women and new mothers can safeguard their oral health as well as the oral health of their newborns, in an effort to raise awareness that oral health should be a part of prenatal care.

Birth defects and gum disease.

Gingivitis, an early stage of periodontal disease that manifests as red, swollen gums from inflammation that may be compounded by shifting hormones during pregnancy, affects between 60 to 75 percent of pregnant women. If gingivitis is not treated, the gums may get infected and the bone supporting the teeth may deteriorate. Little bone support means that teeth may eventually become loose and require extraction. Poor pregnancy outcomes, including preterm birth and low birth weight, have also been linked to periodontitis. However, it is still unclear how periodontitis could contribute to unfavourable pregnancy outcomes.

Dental cavities and pregnancy

Due to changes in behaviour, such as eating habits, pregnant women may also be more susceptible to cavities. Women who have a lot of cavity-causing bacteria in their mouths before and after giving birth run the risk of passing these germs to their unborn child’s mouth. Early exposure to these bacteria and other carbohydrates, such as through frequent snacking or taking a bottle to bed, can cause cavities in young children who then require substantial dental treatment.

  • One out of every four women of childbearing age suffers from untreated cavities.
  • More than three times as likely to develop cavities as children are children of moms with high levels of untreated cavities or tooth loss.
  • Children who have poor oral health are almost three times more likely to miss school due to dental discomfort.

How to Preserve Small Teeth

Primary care, paediatric, and maternity services at Shreya Hospital could think about giving closer emphasis to Oral Health in Pregnancy. Pregnant women, mothers, and her healthcare providers can have simpler talks by using Protect Tiny Teeth, a resource for oral health messaging. In order to raise awareness that dental health should be a component of prenatal care and to provide parents with advice on how to safeguard their infants’ oral health, Protect Tiny Teeth contains a variety of attention-grabbing items.

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