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Metal Crown

Metal crown used in dentistry is constructed from basic metal alloys like nickel and chromium. Another option is a gold alloy. Metal crowns are incredibly strong and only need a tiny amount of tooth structure removal.

Metal Crown

When fillings fail to safeguard and restore the teeth’s strength, appearance, or form (in terms of size and shape), dental crowns are used instead. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are put over the teeth. Shreya Hospital Dental Department have expertise in putting Metal Crown. Dentist available from morning 8AM till Night 10PM for your service, even on Sundays.

Dental Crown Material Types

Materials for dental crowns include:

  • Steel is stainless
  • All-metal
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal
  • All-ceramic
  • Porcelain only and resin only
  • Pounded ceramic

Alloys of gold, platinum, chromium, nickel, or palladium are utilised as dental crown materials. Metal dental crowns are the most durable and resistant to wear and chipping of all dental crown materials. They can be readily taken off and can withstand the strongest biting and chewing pressure. The primary disadvantages of metal crowns are, however, the obvious metallic colour they leave on the teeth and the costly expense of high-quality metals. They work best for teeth that are positioned in areas of the mouth that are not visible.

The benefits of metal crown

  • They have a lot of power.
    Crowns made of gold are quite high grade.
  • When compared to alternative materials for crowns, metal crowns wear the neighbouring teeth the least.
  • They need to be slightly trimmed.
  • Compared to other types of crowns, these ones endure longer and are more resilient to fracture and chipping.
  • Strong chewers who frequently clench and grind their teeth ought to obtain them.

Disadvantages of Metal Crown

Metal dental crowns’ primary drawback is their appearance. The metal crown’s colour is different from the tint of our natural teeth. On the other hand, ceramic crowns are well-concealed since they closely resemble real teeth.

Because of this, most individuals choose ceramic over metal crowns.


Although crowns can sometimes be utilised for aesthetic purposes, sustaining the integrity of the tooth structure is the most frequent application for them.

Your tooth may require a crown if it is:

  • From collision, shattered or cracked.
  • Rotting or gravely discoloured as a result of bad dental hygiene.
  • Weak because to injury that has worn it
  • Down or a root canal that has hollowed it down.
  • Distorted or ugly due to extensive discoloration.
  • Substantial sections missing or lost after removal.
  • No longer sharp at the edges due to wear.
  • Changed by a dental implant or a big filling.

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