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Day Care

Day Care

Day Care in shalimar garden, Day Care in ghaziabad is available at Shreya Hospital. Best Day Care in ghaziabad is available at Shreya Hospital in shalimar garden. Shreya Hospital Day Care facility is best in ghaziabad.

Day Care

Day Care facility at Shreya Hospital, Ghaziabad provide comfort and convenience to the patient and also family members. But it also provide access to the expertise and experience of the panel of doctors that Shreya Hospital has, but minus the hospitalization. Considering that there are many procedures that can be completed in a couple of hours’ time, overnight hospitalization only increases the expense for patients and inconvenience for their family members. The hospital too needs to deploy more resources to monitor and manage patients admitted for overnight stay. Shreya hospitals Day Care Facility do away with all these extra commitments, while still providing the same quality of care as a full-fledged hospital it offers.

Shreya Hospital Day Care facility provide full fledged super specialty services which include, consultation with Specialists available in all departments, Latest Diagnostis Service, Advance Operation Theater and Pharmacy.

Day Care Facility at Shreya Hospital is mostly used for:

  • Cataract surgery
  • A few ENT procedures
  • Minor surgeries that do not require hospitalization
  • Outpatient Dialysis
  • Endoscopic procedures or minimally-invasive surgeries

Features and Benefits

  • The Day-care center offers a patient-friendly environment where the patient and attendant can walk in, get treated and be discharged the same day.
  • Patients are taken care of by our expert team of Specialist Doctors and well-trained support staff.
  • It is cost-effective for patients, saves their time which would be unnecessarily wasted by overnight stay, and makes it hassle-free for family members or care-givers.
  • There is minimum to no disruption to the patient’s regular routine, paving the way for quick recovery.
  • Patients can relax at their home after getting treatment in the day, which increases their comfort level and psychological recovery.
  • There is no need for any boarding facility for caregivers of the patient. This is especially useful for patients coming from outstation as they can now go back home after treatment.
  • Since day care mean to provide quick recovery without night stay. Facility services staff take utmost care in ensuring proper sanitation and disinfection.
  • As patients are isolated from the hustle-bustle of the hospital, they feel less stressed and can undergo treatment in a relaxed manner. This boosts their confidence and helps in faster recovery.
  • Patients receive treatment on a private couch or in a common lounge in an aesthetic setting. They can avail other facilities from the hospital for their comfort.
  • The waiting area and reception are well managed and maintained by our staff. Attendants or family-members can spend time there.
  • There is a separate admission facility available for the Day-care center, while the discharge process is also made easy.
  • There is a dedicated insurance desk which offers services including cashless benefits and reimbursement of expenses.
  • A fully-equipped pharmacy where all medications are available round the clock.

Day Care Center at Shreya Hopspital is also capable of  handling emergency and traumatic patients.


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