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Fixed Bridge or Prosthesis

Fixed Bridge or Prosthesis

Fixed Bridge or Prosthesis

Fixed Bridge or Prosthesis is a fixed dental bridge is an immovable construction made up of numerous connected crowns. When one or more teeth are missing, dental bridges are put in place, and it’s crucial to have at least two supporting teeth, one on each side.

Your dentist might recommend a dental bridge as a restoration choice if your missing tooth is situated between two good teeth. Between two crowns that your dentist ties to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap, a prosthetic tooth is suspended. The colour of the porcelain is matched to that of your neighbouring teeth. Simply put, a dental bridge fills the space left by missing teeth. A dental bridge can be the ideal option if you’re replacing a tooth or teeth that are close to the back of your mouth.

Additionally, when all of the teeth are present, dental bridges can be fitted onto the teeth, for example, to splint (strengthen) movable teeth.

Both the front teeth and the back teeth can have dental bridges put in.

Bridge installation is not recommended in certain situations.

  • Gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Lack of space when moving the teeth of the opposite jaw towards the missing ones
  • Absence of three or more teeth
  • Mobility of abutment teeth
  • Requirement that a bridge prosthesis have at least one support on each side in the absence of one of the supports, a bridge is not made.

Benefits of getting prosthetic bridges at Shreya Hospital.

  • Due to the fully computerised manufacturing cycle, perfect fit to the teeth prevents the amputation of tooth roots beneath crowns.
  • Full biocompatibility with dental and gingival tissues.
  • Supreme aesthetics.
  • Similar to similar metal constructions in terms of strength.
  • Durability.
  • Healthy gums around the teeth with crowns that don’t have the typical grayish-blue edge of metal-ceramics.
  • Possibility of producing an entirely zirconia prosthesis with customization utilising specialised colours.

There are various steps in the process for prosthetics with a bridge-like prosthesis:

Therapeutic: constructing cult inlays, performing root canals, and placing pins in dental roots;

Surgical: extraction of teeth with damage;

Prosthetic: placing the actual prosthesis, which may have three or more crowns and resembles a bridge.

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