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Pulmonary function test

Pulmonary Function Test

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pulmonary function test

Lung testing include pulmonary function tests (PFTs). They exhibit the efficiency of your lungs. The doctor won’t cut you or pierce your skin to introduce any machinery because they are noninvasive procedures.

Reason for doing Pulmonary Function Examinations

The following lung conditions can be identified through a lung test by doctors:

  • Asthma.
  • Allergies.
  • Reoccurring bronchitis.
  • COPD.
  • Lungs with scarred or damaged tissue.
  • Disease brought on by asbestos fibres inhaled.
  • An accumulation of inflammatory cells around organs is called sarcoidosis.
  • Lung tumours.
  • Infections.
  • Stretched, widened, or thickened airways.
  • Your connective tissues become thicker or harder (scleroderma).

Procedure of  Pulmonary Function Test

Based on what they need to know, our Shreya Hospital doctor decides which tests to do on you. Every test operates in a unique manner.


One of the most frequent pulmonary function tests is this one. The amount of air you can breathe in and out is measured by spirometry. Additionally, it gauges how quickly you can expel air from your lungs.

Spirometry aids in the diagnosis of respiratory issues including asthma and COPD. Spirometry can assist your doctor determine how well your asthma medication is working if you’re taking it.

You’ll take in as much air as you can throughout the exam. The next step involves immediately exhaling as much air as you can via a tube attached to a spirometer.

The examination gauges two things:

  • The volume of air you can exhale after taking a deep inhale. Your ability to breathe normally will be shown by the outcomes.
  • The volume of air you can exhale in a single second. The result lets your doctor know how serious your breathing issue is.


For body plethysmography, which measures how much air is in your lungs as you inhale, you will take a deep breath. It also measures the amount of air that remains in your lungs after you’ve exhaled as much as possible.

There are several uses for plethysmography:

  • This test could be prescribed by your doctor to examine the effects of a lung condition like COPD or asthma. Your therapy may need to alter as a result of the test.
  • It can assist in determining whether you have a lung condition that limits the capacity of your lungs. Your physician may refer to this as a restricted disease.
  • If your airways have constricted, it can demonstrate that. If so, the test could assist your doctor in determining if bronchodilators, which are lung drugs, might be beneficial for you. Airways are opened by bronchodilators.
  • Your doctor can use it to determine how well you could recover after surgery.


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