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Paediatric Doctors

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Department – Paediatrics

Experience: 12+ Years | Reg. No: 25840

Consultation Time: |08:00AM – 09:00AM |04:00PM – 05:00PM




Department – Paediatrics

Experience: 10+ Years | Reg. No: 32456

Consultation Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM




Department – Paediatrics

Experience: 7+ Years | Reg. No: 75714

Consultation Time: 06:00PM – 08:00PM

Best Paediatric Hospital in GhaziabadPaediatric Doctors in Ghaziabad

Paediatric Doctors in Ghaziabad

Paediatric Doctors, Paediatric Doctors in Ghaziabad, Paediatric Doctors in Shalimar Garden, Paediatric Doctors in Shahibabad, Paediatric Doctor in Ghaziabad, Paediatric Doctor in Ghaziabad, Paediatric Doctor in Ghaziabad Providing Paediatric Treatments

A Paediatrics Hospital dedicated entirely to children  especially children predominantly from impoverished communities throughout  Ghaziabad and Delhi  is critically important. So important, that it needs a champion to make sure that it’s able to keep doing the phenomenal work it does.

Our paediatric consultants carry out a wide range of diagnostic tests and procedures to help children with many different medical conditions.

We provide a full-range of clinical services ,including general medicine, cardiology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, trauma and pediatrics  with an emphasis on enhanced recovery achieved through multi disciplinary input and delivered through laparoscopic techniques, day surgery procedures, and patient enabling support.

Paediatrics Services

Every health care service must take care of children, both in good health and when they are unwell. The well-established Paediatrics Department at  Shreya Hospital is here to introduce itself to you. It offers children suffering from a variety of ailments top-notch care and treatment. Our team of doctors has a wealth of expertise in the field of child care and has consistently produced positive outcomes.

Children with common paediatric illnesses are given high-quality, fast-acting, and child-centered care at Shreya Hospital. With the goal of influencing millions of lives, we would like to offer the highest quality of care.

Shreya Multispeciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Shreya Hospital is the Best Hospitals in Ghaziabad.
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Shreya Hospital is the best Hospital in Ghaziabad, New Delhi NCR India, with multi-specialty hospital has been providing round-the-clock clinical care, backed by multi-disciplinary team of medical experts Centers of Excellence: 24*7 Emergency & Trauma Cardiac Science Critical Care Science Neuro Science Obstetrics & Gynaecology Orthopaedic & Joint Replacements Other Key Specialities: Dental Care Dermatology ENT Minimal Access / Laparoscopy Ophthalmology Pediatrics & Neonatology Pulmonology Urology Facilities: Modular Operation Theaters including dedicated transplant OTs Path Labs for complex cardiac & neuro cases 24 x 7 – Dialysis Pharmacy & Trauma Unit Preventive Health Checks.