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Alveoloplasty is a dental procedure done in the mouth to smooth the jawbone. The areas of the mouth where teeth have been removed or lost are treated with this procedure. Alveoloplasty can be done on its own, although it’s usually done in conjunction with tooth extraction. Although some dentists can also conduct this procedure, oral dental surgeons often perform it.


Reason for Performing Alveoloplasty

When teeth are removed from the jawbone, a socket remains. Even if the gums have fully recovered, it will still leave high and low areas in the mouth’s bones. It might make denture fitting problematic.

Alveoloplasty is performed just to make the jaw’s surface smooth and fine enough to tolerate any sort of dental operation. This procedure is used to flatten the ridge of the jaw, taper the ridge of the jaw, or smooth out irregularities in the jaw bone.

This procedure is often only carried out when many teeth need to be removed. One tooth typically leaves a gap that heals naturally without the need for surgery.

Alveoloplasty can speed up the recovery process when many teeth are removed in addition to smoothing the jawline. Alveoloplasty stitches the gums over the hole to hasten the healing process.

People with cancer must recover quickly. They get radiation therapy for various body areas and could need to have teeth out. In these conditions, radiation causes the saliva to become drier, which reduces blood flow to the jaw. It could make tooth decay more likely. Radiation cannot be administered until the sockets are fully healed.

Alveoloplasty Procedures

Each person’s experience is unique. Some people might need to rinse their mouth with mouthwash before to surgery or they could be advised to take antibiotics and painkillers as well. Dental surgeons at Shreya Hospital may create a timetable for their patients’ jaws in order to inform them of where and how much bone should be discarded. To make a cast, our dentist will take an imprint of your teeth and jaw. Despite being made of transparent material, it fits just like a denture and serves as a surgeon’s guidance.

Contacting Shreya Hospital Dental Surgeon

If you have this procedure, call our doctor right away if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • Even after the first day after surgery, there was persistent, profuse bleeding, and skyrocketing edoema.
  • Infection-related symptoms, such as fever, chills, and inflammations.
  • A thinning of the stitches and a display of the related bones.
  • The sole purpose of this essay is to help you comprehend the real procedure of the operation and instill confidence if you ever have to go through it. This oral surgery may give your mouth and facial features a new lease of life. You’ll be able to approach the procedure with assurance.

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