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Ophthalmologist/Eye Specialist


Ophthalmologist An ophthalmologist is an eye care specialist. Ophthalmologists are doctors of medicine (MD) or doctors of osteopathy (DO) who have specific training and experience diagnosing and treating eye and vision conditions. Ophthalmologists are qualified to provide comprehensive eye care including medical and surgical eye care. Shreya Hospital in Ghaziabad is having a specialised team of ophthalmmologist. They offer best ...

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General Practitioner


General Practitioner Shreya Hospital General Practitioner: A doctor who is certified in general medical practise is known as a general practitioner (GP). GPs are frequently the first place that people of any age go when they feel unwell or have a health issue. They deal with a variety of illnesses and medical ailments. If you are unsure about the doctor’s ...

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Dermatologist A persons skin provide a numerous of different purposes and is your thickest organ. You are shielded from pathogens, the cold, heat, and harmful chemicals. Changes in the texture or colour of your skin might indicate a medical issue, making it a fantastic predictor of your general health. It’s crucial to take good care of your skin and monitor ...

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general surgeon

Surgeon A surgeon is a medical professional who focuses on diagnosing and treating illnesses that may call for surgery or other physical alterations to the human body. Surgery can be used to identify a condition or treat an injury. Surgeons oversee a group of other medical professionals and nurses in the operating room to make sure that an operation proceeds ...

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Best Pediatrician in Ghaziabad A paediatrician is a medical professional who specialises in treating young children, adolescents, and adults. A kid receives paediatric treatment from birth until their 21st birthday or later. Paediatricians work to prevent, identify, and treat childhood physical, behavioural, and developmental problems. Paediatricians can also do general medicine. Others focus on treating kids with certain medical issues. ...

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Cardiologist at Shreya Hopital An expert in heart and blood vessel conditions is a physician known as a cardiologist. Both their treatment and prevention of heart disease are benefits. Cardiologists receive at least three extra years of specialised training after finishing four years of medical school. They then spend three years as residents learning general internal medicine. Cardiologists are eligible ...

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Best Obstetrics & Gynaecology Hospital in Ghaziabad Shreya hospital specialized in Pre, post deliveries and infertility. Our experienced Doctor conducting PAIN LESS Deliveries and highly qualified to manage and High risk pregnancies. Also Well trained in doing GYNAE LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERIES. The Institute of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Shreya Hospitals offers medical care and support to women at every stage in ...

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medical specialty focusing on injuries and diseases affecting your musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, joints and soft tissues)

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